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TOURS map of the City

Each of my guided tours has a specific theme, and each takes about one and a half to two hours, without strenuous walking. I am happy to arrange tours avoiding stairs (or incorporating only a few steps).
Booking: Groups of 10 or more people £12/€15 per person, small groups (5 to 9 people) £15/€18 per person, private tours (up to 4 people) £90/€105.

An Introduction to the City - 2000 years of history, from the first Roman settlement to today's temples of finance (start: St Paul's Cathedral)


Music in the 17th and 18th Century
- the numerous churches and composers in the City, from famous ones like Henry Purcell and George Frederick Handel to those feted in their time, but almost unknown today (start: Temple tube


Modern Architecture
- all the famous British architects of our time (and quite a few others) have designed distinctive buildings in the City (start: Liverpool Street station)


17th/18th Century Architecture
- after the Great Fire of 1666, four fifths of the City had to be rebuilt, from St. Paul's Cathedral to private dwellings in the smallest alleys. One famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren, was responsible for designing fifty-two churches between 1670 and 1710 (start: St. Paul's Cathedral)


The History of the City as a Financial and Economic Centre
: medieval guilds and livery companies, coffee houses as meeting places for the merchants and traders of the 17th century, banking and the Bank of England, the exchanges (start: Bank tube/Royal Exchange)


Literary Sites
- from Geoffrey Chaucer to William Shakespeare and his contemporaries, from Samuel Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith and Charles Dickens to T.S. Eliot (start: Tower Hill tube)

This is just a small selection of possible themes. I would be happy to adapt tours to your special requirements.