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The City is the centre of London in every respect. Its history began here; big money was and is made here - for 1500 years the City was practically synonymous with London.

But today, many visitors to London never get to see the Square Mile, even though it differs fundamentally from other parts of the huge city. The Great Fire of 1666 and the German bombs of 1940/41 necessarily led to renewal on an enormous scale, which gave it an unparalleled atmosphere.

The City's government goes back to the middle ages, with its own mayor, its own police force, and customs that are found nowhere else in Britain. The architecture is unique, from the Roman wall to medieval remains, from the elegant churches and narrow alleys of the 17th century to the glass office giants of the 21st.

Are you interested in London and its peculiarities? Then you should start your voyage of discovery in the City. Covering just about one square mile (which has led to its nickname), it is London's smallest borough, and therefore lends itself to discovery on foot.